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Capone and Senna are adopted

Today we had two adoptions, both of dogs who arrived identified on the same day!

First to leave was Capone, a bull terrier cross. He was microchipped, but there was no reply to the SPA’s phone call to his owners, nor did they respond to the letter that was sent to inform them that their dog was at the SPA. He was reserved by a family who just had to wait for the 10 days pound time to finish, and today was the day. Capone is a lovely lad, affectionate and handsome, and we are sure he will be very happy.

black and white bulldog cross

Capone – ADOPTED

Second to leave was Senna, a French bulldog. Like Capone he arrived identified, but this time the phone number of his owner was no  longer in service. There was no reply to the letter, either, and as this was not Senna’s first time at the refuge, his owner knew all about how the SPA works. So for his new family it was the same thing, waiting for the ten days’ pound time to be up. To be honest, though, Senna arrived extremely thin, so no one was very upset when he left for a new home today.

French bulldog

We look forward to hearing news of both dogs in their new homes.

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