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Chispa lovely small femaleFemale, Young, Small

Oh, Chispa! This tiny girl arrived with a tumour which was almost as big as her whole body; honestly it was the size of a football. She was brought to the refuge having been found straying in a nearby village, but no one will ever convince me that she had not been deliberately lost by an owner who did not want the expense of taking her to the vet. Absolutely disgraceful. The tumour was a result of her not being sterilised, so there is that to add to this person’s list of mistakes. Chispa has now had the tumour removed, leaving a huge flap of skin that will be removed in due course. She is feeling tons better already. She is a fabulous and demonstratively affectionate little girl who loves people, other dogs and even cats. And as she is just 7 years old, there is no reason why she should not find a new family soon. Especially as she is titchy! Chispa has to been seen to be believed; proof of the resilience of dogs and their ability to overcome and forgive.

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  • Affectionate little girl
  • Fine with other dogs and cats
  • Needs a loving family

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