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Coca| A138

Coca large male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Coca was brought to the ScPA by a local mairie who found him straying. He was identified, but the ScPA was informed that his owner was unlikely to collect him. This seems to be code for “the dog is better off with you”, so Coca is looking for a new home. He is a wonderful boy, big and hairy and very cuddly. Don’t be put off by the rings round his eyes; the goggles are often a sign of leishmaniasis, but in Coca’s case it is just his colouring. Coca was born in April 2018; so he is a very young dog, not even a year old at the time of going to press, and he has his whole life ahead of him. I have a feeling that whoever adopts him will be very lucky indeed!

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  • Big hairy and cuddly
  • Fine with other dogs and people of all ages
  • Will be great pet for an active family

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