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Cocktails and Cupcakes!

This morning at (almost) the crack of dawn, Bronx went off to start his new life, courtesy of Moira, who took him halfway to his new home where he was handed over to his new family. They had contacted us via the internet and after much discussion; they chose Bronx, one of the “Cocktail litter”. This still leaves two females and a male from this litter looking for a home.

Although we know that the mum is a border collie, these pups really are remarkably calm, so if any of you were worried about crazily active dog behaviour, I think you can relax! But of course these are not the only pups looking for homes, as we have the eight dogs from the Egyptian Deities litter as well as lovely Moka, who is in foster with Val.

Why not come and meet them this weekend, when the SPA has its open days, so will be open on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

The adopters of Bronx live very close to a relatively new but extremely committed SPA supporter, Jim. So they swung by his house and filled up their car with goodies that he had put by for the refuge. Cat boxes, dog baskets, leads and collars, not to mention 100 anti-flea treatments for dogs and 100 for cats! What a haul!

Many thanks to Moira for her dog-delivery, to Bronx’s family for adopting the little guy, and to Jim for his generosity.

However Bronx wasn’t the only lucky dog today. After just short of six months at the refuge Cupcake finally found a home. He is a little jagd terrier, and we have several dogs of this breed at the refuge right now (Mozart, Martin and Groove being three who are still waiting for a home). Cupcake had been waiting the longest, however, and it is great news for him.

Be happy, both of you!

Here is Bronx, meeting his new family!











And here he is, already settling in with his new pal, Hugo

download (23)







Cupcake found a home after 6 months








And look at this fabulous hall from SPA supporter, Jim.

download (22)


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