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Collar CATastrophe

Despite this blog’s being very much canine-centred, sometimes we simply HAVE to talk about feline-related issues.

Today a cat arrived at the SPA with a horrifically mutilated neck. This was due to a collar that had apparently been caught on something and caused extensive cuts and a great deal of bleeding. Of course once at the SPA this cat was rushed to the vet, but perhaps it is worth reminding people of the dangers of putting collars on outdoor cats. It is wonderful that you want to show that they have an owner, but is it really worth the risk? After all identification is far less hazardous, either in the form of a tattoo (visible) or a microchip (okay, not visible, but if your cat becomes lost, a chip will reunite you).

The collar issue also applies to dogs, of course. It is generally accepted that all dogs should wear a collar, but a proper fit is essential. Who remembers the state of Prosper (the current DRC Urgent Appeal) and Douce when they arrived at the SPA? They both had horrible injuries. In Prosper’s case this was due to use of a prong collar, and Douce’s collar appeared not to have been changed since she was a small puppy. Both are now fine, of course and we wish the same for today’s arrival.

No adoptions today at the SPA, but two reservations. One will remain a secret until tomorrow’s blog but the second is that of Lindy Hop. We tell you that just so you know that only one spaniel pup now remains, gorgeous little Bugle Boy.

It is the start of another long weekend, but please remember that although the SPA is closed on Monday, we are open tomorrow and we hope there are lots of adoptions to end what has been a mixed week.

Today’s horror

cat wearing collar covered in blood












Prosper arrived with a neck injury

dog with injured neck










As did Douce

Brown dog with injured neck

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