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Cologne’s Chasse Days Are Over!

September means the start of the hunting season in France, or la chasse, and it can be quite a shock to see a group of hunters heading past your house.

Each Sunday you will see the countryside dotted with vans and cars and will hear the distinctive howl of hounds as they flush out or chase the game. You are sure to cross a group of hunters heading off into the woods with guns slung over their shoulders so if you are out walking its wise to wear bright clothing.  I would strongly advise keeping your dogs on the leash, one in case they are ‘accidentally’ shot and two because the hunt dogs have on many occasion swarmed my dogs and some dogs could find this very intimidating. You would think that the hunters would have trained dogs so could simply call their dogs away, not a chance! Most chasse dogs are hunting by instinct alone and have had no or little training!

So it is no great surprise that when the dogs are following their instinct, lots get themselves lost and that is why we at the SPA dread this season. We will soon be inundated with hunt dogs, who have only known life in kennels and are fearful of humans and often other dogs! We still have dogs waiting on homes that arrived about this time last year and a year is far too long to spend at the SPA! All chasse dogs should be identified but very few are, as this legislation, like lots of legislation regarding the chasse in France is not enforced. This unfortunately makes it very easy for the hunters to abandon dogs who aren’t good hunters, who are too old or are hurt and need vet treatment. The SPA of course is expected bear the brunt of their irresponsibility!

Cologne is one dog who will never have to hunt again. She arrived at the SPA in March this year, at the end of the hunting season, abandoned with her sister Bonn. Bonn was quickly adopted and today at last Cologne is leaving for a life where she doesn’t have to work for her dinner.  Instead of life in a kennel or shed , regular food and home comforts await her as well as lovely playmate for company.  This will be bliss for Cologne who was underweight and bedraggled when she arrived, I wish all of our chasse dogs could be so lucky!

Cologne – Adopted Today



Molly who is still waiting!



Gaspard still needs a home!


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  1. Poor mites who are still waiting.
    I hate the start of the chasse. We have put up signs in our wood to stop them going through but they still put the dogs through there when they think we won’t notice. I fear for Bella who puts up such a din when she hears them and charges up and down the fence, following them. It winds her up so much.. A ‘stray’ bullet would silence her. But how can I keep her in all day? Last season they were in the fields around our house every week, and even ventured into our wood after dark looking for a deer they had shot. I complained to the maire and suddenly it stopped. I was glad I had kept a list of the dates.
    I think I am going to put some hives on the boundaries. They might not be so keen to venture in and retrieve their dogs and game then.

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