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Comings and Goings- Typical Monday!

Two dogs left the SPA today but sadly there were two arrivals. However, as Mondays go, it was pretty good!

The two departures were those of Atomic and Denali, who have left together with a couple who had been waiting for a female border collie. Their desire for some canine company finally got the better of them, and so they decided on a compromise. Rather than a female border collie, they adopted a female AND a border collie! My kind of people!

Both dogs were reserved last week and since this time they have been sharing a kennel (Denali having been sterilised, of course), so we know the dogs get on well together. I am sure they will be delighted to have their freedom. Good luck to both of them!

In a bizarre twist of fate, we do now have a female border, Milana, who arrived at closing time on Saturday having been found on the motorway. Perhaps she is just lost, but in any case, she is so pretty and sociable that I am confident that she will find a home soon. Perhaps today’s lovely couple will take a third dog, you never know!

There were a couple of other reservations too, but you will have to wait to see who are the lucky ones. Let’s hope things are picking up and that more dogs find their forever homes before winter arrives!

Also a date for your diary. Or even for your memory, as there is not long to wait! This Sunday, the 27th, the Club Canin Carcassonne (Route de Bram) is having an open day. The SPA has a partnership with the Club, and our adopters are offered two free training classes at this excellent dog training school, with most people staying for much longer. On Sunday you can see what the Club has to offer you and your dog, there will be demonstrations of agility training, obedience, education and of course there is the ever-popular puppy school.

The event starts at 10H00 and goes on until 18H00. There will be a couple of SPA dogs there too, naturally!

Denali leaves…..







Together with Atomic











And Milana has just arrived- let’s hope someone is looking for her.


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