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Connord finds a foster home at long last

If you ask any of the staff and regular volunteers at the ScPA which dog has been there the longest, everyone would reply without hesitation “Connord”. In fact few people can remember a time before this black and white American Staffordshire terrier was in residence.

It is always difficult finding homes for so called “dangerous dogs”, even when, as in Connord’s case, they are Category 2 (defence) rather than one (attack). Of course the descriptors in parentheses are nonsense, as are describing any dog as “dangerous” due to its breed, but the law is the law.

Owning such a dog means amongst other things, having a permit, and it is understandable that getting one specially for a dog of Connord’s age seems a waste; why not get a younger dog? Plus you have to factor in the grief that you know is not far round the corner, and losing a dog is horrendous, as we all know. So to take Connord home  you need someone very special indeed.

Enter Muriel, staff employee and dog-lover extraordinaire. This is not the first time she has taken elderly ScPA dogs home, and although she is devastated each time she says goodbye, this distress is tempered by knowing that the dog has had a lovely time for however long he is in her care.

So tonight we say a huge thank you to Muriel, is now Connord’s official foster family. We do not know how long he will be with her. But Connord, who  is now over 11 years old and who has spent half his life at the refuge, finally has a home. Isn’t that a nice thought with which to end the weekend?

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