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Daisy and pups , 4 months on…

I am sure that most of you will remember Daisy the very cute terrier cross who arrived at the refuge and gave birth within hours. The mum and pups then went into foster with Cyndy where they were loved and cared for but just as importantly socialised.

Early socialisation is so important and can really shape its future reactions in the big scary world.

Needless to say, these pups are all very happy, well-balanced pups and the owners are delighted!

Daisy went to live with DRC’s friend Muriel and her parents. She is living with ex ScPA Woofy , a large mastin called Tina, cats, chickens and tortoises.

Here she is on the bed with a very shocked looking cat…

Who’s that sleeping on my bed!

Puppy Max who lives near Fanjeaux has 3 furry doggy siblings and is proving to be a remarkably bright pup. He’s great on walks and is regularly sees ex ScPA dog Zelda.

Look at his lovely leg markings!

Ren was the only tricoloured pup. He also is doing extremely well and his owner is carefully socialising him with children and especially bicycles as he does seem a bit worried by them.

Next is Betony….she is the pup who went to live in a vineyard with mum Sara. She too is extremely clever and is enjoying herself in the garden and vines, so all seems good there…she’s loved by everyone and is virtually inseparable from Sarah.


Here is Mimi ( ex Pansy) who is definitely in the leggy phase. Mimi is back staying with Cyndy whilst her owner is on holiday. She is a lovely, happy, dynamic pup…just as it should be!

Mimi ex Pansy!

We haven’t has new  Hanna from a sure but I am sure that she is just as happy as all of the others!

These pups owners are lucky as they had the opportunity to have a well sociallised rescue pup who had been with their mum in a household situation.

Wouldnt it be great if all pups had this chance!

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