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Denis | R391

denis male border collie crossMale, Young, Large

We are very cross that Denis is back at the SPA. No, he has never been adopted from us, but this is the third time he has been here, and each time his owner has come to collect him. As Denis was identified we had no option but to let him leave. The first time we had found him a wonderful new owner, who was just waiting for the ten days’ legal pound time to be over. The next time Denis was reclaimed by his owner on day ten. This time he is too late. Phew. We have now castrated Denis, so doubtless his owner will no longer want him. Good! Denis is a beauceron/border collie cross, with one brown and one blue eye. A stunning lad, but the size of a shetland pony! He is fine with other dogs and would love a training minded family with an enclosed garden. Denis was born in July 2016.
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  • Happy lively and friendly
  • Needs a training minded family
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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