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Departure of two dogs.

Not the best day in terms of adoptions, but certainly one of the best we have had in a long time in terms of sunshine and general ambience.

Our two English language –learning work experience folk, Eric and Adraiana, together with new volunteer Fabrice, have been doing some grounds maintenance. As well as cutting the grass along the edge of the car park and up the banks, they have been doing loads of weeding. I know this may sound unimportant, but on the contrary, it “beautifies” the refuge for visitors. And more importantly, the cake table, which will be in situ at tomorrow’s open day, will be able to stand on solid ground, rather than a mixture of weeds and rubble.

We didn’t have any adoptions, but two dogs left the refuge nonetheless. First was Boulba. Task number one when I arrived this afternoon was to take photos of this big, old dog, who had been found yesterday with a tattoo, but with the associated telephone number no longer in service. We knew his age to be 14, so we were quite concerned about him. However this was no abandoned dog, and I was much happier to take the photos of this lovely old man out of his box, when his devoted owner came to collect him.

You would never guess this dog was 14, he is in amazing condition.

Second to leave was Wendy. Now, we always say that you should reflect seriously before adopting a dog, so should you reflect seriously before abandoning one. Wendy’s family missed her so much that they have sorted out doggy day care. This way, despite their long working hours, the pup will not be left alone all day.

We can all make rash decisions in the heat of the moment, when we are feeling overwhelmed, and so please do not be too critical. We were contacted the next day by the family to say that they had made a mistake, and once we were sure that Wendy was going to be loved forever, we were happy for her to go back home. She seemed overjoyed, too.

So a good day, and hopefully another one to come tomorrow! Open day from 1400-1800! See you there!

Boulba. 14 years YOUNG – RECLAIMED
2014-04-05 14.27.00









Wendy – Re ADOOPTED!


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