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Diesel | T261

Diesel pyrenean mountain crossMale, Young, Large

Diesel was brought in by a volunteer who saw him hanging around with the other dogs at the hospital. Unusually, Diesel was identified, so it should have been a simple case of reuniting him with his owner. However….It turns out that his owner had given him away to someone else. As the legal owner, though, he has responsibilities to his dog, so he came to the refuge to discuss Diesel. He got the dog for free from the internet, and has no idea why he did so. He refuses to castrate his dog, who wanders off to seek out female company, and to be honest he doesn’t seem to know much about Diesel at all. So that is another one for the ScPA to rehome. I doubt that it will take long, though. Diesel is stunning and is fine with other dogs and children. We haven’t tested him with cats, but can do so on request. A pyrenean mountain cross, Diesel was born in April 2016, and needless to say he will leave the ScPA castrated, as well as vaccinated and identified.


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  • Fine with female dogs and children
  • Lovely looking dog
  • Will make a great family pet

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