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Dinky Doo adopted….

Tonights blog is both an early one and a short one  as we have a committee meeting to go to but at least its good news as we had an adoption!

Dinky Doo, a tiny little terrier cross who arrived at the SPA at the end of August is todays lucky boy. He had probably been knocked down by a car and had a fractured pelvis.  After an operation to repair the damage and lots of tlc he was finally ready for adoption a week or so ago.

Small, cute dogs generally dont have a long stay at the SPA and as anticipated, as soon as his photos and video went onto facebook we had lots of inquiries about him.

Today, just three days before his first birthday he went off to a new home.

I am sure that he will settle quickly but please remember that if you do adopt from us and have problems, we will do our very best to help you work your way through them. The most common problems are housetraining, recall, fear of new situations and integration with other animals in the household.

We are more than happy to talk you through most problems and if we think we need expert advice we have a dog trainer and behaviorist to help.

Dinky Doo..adopted!


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