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Do you ever need English-speaking vet advice? If so, read on!

Well, despite it being the first Sunday of the month, we decided not to open our doors today. We are simply not having enough visitors in this hot weather to justify asking the volunteers, many of whom work full time, to give up their Sunday. The dogs don’t enjoy the heat too much either, so they are best off alone in the shade of their kennels than pushing themselves against the bars of their cages in a desperate attempt to get noticed.

So rather than write about dogs, today I am going to write about a new service that may be of interest to some of you. In fact it should be of interest to anyone who has cats or dogs or other domestic pets.

I have spoken on a number of occasions about Lisa and Andrew. They have taken SPA puppies to foster (in fact they currently have two, Frank and Betty at their home) They also support the SPA with their catering van at many of our events, and are great friends of the refuge. Lisa is particularly useful as she is a veterinary nurse.

She and Andrew have just launched a business to help pet owners in France. This service is not usually available to individuals, but Andrew has negotiated a special deal for Brits living in France.

The aim of the service is to provide English speakers in France access to high quality veterinary advice when it is most needed. A dedicated telephone line puts you in touch with a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons registered veterinary nurse.  This can avoid a costly (and often unnecessary) trip to a French vet, and is particularly useful to people who struggle with the language.

The service costs just €65 for a full year’s membership, or € 4.50 if paid by direct debit (a 16% saving). As I know from experience, a single out of hours emergency visit to the vet can cost this much, and being an over-protective mum, I have made several visits for my four dogs only to be told that everything is normal.

Best of all, for every person who subscribes via a referral from the SPA, Andrew will make a donation to the SPA.

The website is http://www.vetadvice247.com Have a look for yourself. And if you subscribe, please don’t forget to say you found them thanks to the SPA.

Here is Andrew with their lab, Mr Bumble and the two foster pups, Frank and Betty.

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