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Dogs and log fires. Is there a danger?

Well, with the drizzly rain that we had all day today darkness fell earlier than ever, and I am sure that many of us are thinking of a night in front of a lovely log fire or wood burning stove. I am constantly amazed by my dogs’ ability to tolerate heat. But why do dogs stay by the fireside until their owners fear that they may spontaneously combust, and is this safe?

Don’t assume that your dog will move if he/she gets too hot. Often this is the case, but there have been instances of dogs becoming dehydrated and even suffering burns from the build-up of heat. If your dog is particularly thin or has short fur, the temptation for him to hog the area in front of the fire might be even greater, so maybe it is worth investing in a warm coat for him. This may help lure him away from the potential danger. And make sure he has lots of blankets in his basket. Healthy dogs are incredibly good at curling up to retain heat. A dog who is unable to retain heat could have an underlying medical problem, so a trip to the vet might be required if your dog really is unable to keep warm. Diabetic dogs or dogs with low blood sugar tend to feel the cold, for example.

As with children it is worth following basic safety rules. You would not leave a child with an unattended fire, so nor should you a dog. Am I the only one who has a dog with a singed coat due to a spark leaping out of the fire place? A stray spark could set fire to rugs and pose a danger to both you and your pet, so a decent fire guard is a good investment.

It seems incredible that a couple of months ago the heat danger was coming from the sun….Please spare a thought for all the dogs at the SPA tonight. They would love the chance to sleep in front of a warm fire.

If you have an ex SPA dog, why not send us a photo of him in front of a fire? Warm our hearts!

Morse, formerly Jigoto- relaxing in front of a lovely woodburner.

Tricolored dog lying in front of stove

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