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Dogs: often the first casualty of divorce.

I mentioned yesterday that a dog had been brought back to the SPA due to a divorce. Sadly it is often the animals that are disposed of first, sometimes even before the house has been sold and the CD collection shared out. The husband’s return to the UK is hardly an excuse; after all since DEFRA changed the requirements regarding rabies vaccinations 18 months ago, a dog can return to the UK just three weeks after vaccination. No need for a blood test and a six month wait.

Poor little Dyson has had no luck at all. Found towards the end of last year and brought to the refuge, this medium pinscher was so happy when he found a home in January, at the age of six months. Now at just over a year old, he is back at the SPA. When he arrived on Saturday, he may have thought he was just coming to say hello. Lots of our “old boys” pay us visits to show how happy they are. However when he was put into a kennel, the cruel reality hit him. One of the employees, who was a volunteer during Dyson’s last stay, tried to comfort him, as you can see in this picture. But this little boy knows all too well that weeks, possibly months of shelter life lie in front of him. This is so much harder when none of this is his fault and he is just the casualty of his owners’ marital difficulties.

I hope it is not too long before Dyson finds a new home, however with all the other dogs to choose from, we all know it could take some time for him to be adopted. Next time let’s hope it really is forever.

Dyson- Back to square one

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