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RoseFemale, Young, Large

I really have my fingers crossed for Rose. In fact her real name is “Stinka” which is not nice at all, and when she arrived at the SPA earlier this year she was not identified, and so we named her Rose. She was reclaimed by her (homeless) owner, and now she is back again, we are all hoping that this time she is not reclaimed. No, we have nothing against homeless people per se. But Rose’s owner does not appear to be very reliable. We want Rose to be sterilised (we can only do this on day 11) and we want her to have a better life. She is a fabulous shepherd cross, black with a white bib, who was born in March 2016. Hopefully by this Wednesday (19th April) she will be sterilised and ready for her new home. Please help us find a home for Rose quickly, just in case her owner reappears.
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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a forever home
  • A lovely family pet


rex male brittany spanielMale, Young, Medium

Rex was brought in by his owner as he felt he was too old to look after his dog properly. However Rex is in no way a difficult dog and although he would probably like more exercise than he was getting, he seems very happy with whatever life brings him. Rex is a seven year old brittany spaniel (date of birth April 2010) who has fabulous body language and who is wonderful with other dogs. He is not a “runner”, and like other dogs of his breed, is a great “all rounder”. Brittanies are very loving family pets as well as often being used for hunting. Rex would like a new family with a garden and maybe another dog to play with too.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Not a runner
  • A lovely family pet


Badou male podenco crossMale, Young, Medium

Some of you may remember Badou. He arrived with a badly injured front leg and spent a long time recuperating at the SPA before being adopted. During this time we found him to be a wonderful sociable dog and his adopter found the same. His only “fault” was his fear of cars (understandable bearing in mind that he had been run over by one, and was found struggling to escape the other vehicles along the road). His adopter did not feel able to deal with this issue, and so Badou is back at the SPA. He is a young podenco cross who was born in January 2016. A fabulous dog who is great with children and dogs of both sexes but not with cats!
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  • Fine with other dogs but not cats
  • Needs help to build his confidence with cars
  • A lovely sociable dog


Oscar male shepherd crossMale, Young, Large

Oscar’s owner was unable to manage this fairly large strong dog as well as her other animals, so Oscar is at the SPA looking for a new home. He is a shepherd cross with a small griffon-like beard who was born in February 2016. Oscar is good with other dogs but has a tendency to be a bit dominant

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs training on the lead
  • A lovely dog


Lasko young male jack russell crossMale, Young, Small

Lasko is a jack russell cross who was brought to the SPA by a concerned neighbour who saw this dog was tied up a lot. In fact his owners had tried to find him a new home, (free via the internet) and this had not worked out, with the owners just leaving their new dog tied up alone. Lasko is a great lad, fine with dogs of both sexes and not interested in escaping to go wandering. If you are looking for a small lively companion, Lasko could be the boy for you. He was born in April 2015, and is ready for his new home!


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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Doesn’t go wandering
  • A lively companion


paige - female Gasgone de bleuFemale, Young, Medium

We know nothing about Paige’s past, but we are willing to bet that she has a lovely future ahead of her! Paige is just the sort of dog who appeals to DRC supporters. A gentle griffon blue de Gascogne cross, she was found and brought to the SPA at the beginning of April. The vet estimates her date of birth as January 2015, and she is really affectionate and loving, as is so often the case with dogs of this breed. Despite the fact that they are often used for hunting. Paige will need an enclosed garden (the power of that nose should not be underestimated), but will be a wonderful family pet.


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  • Affectionate and loving
  • Needs enclosed garden
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Roosevelt mature shepherd crossMale, Mature, Small

Roosevelt was very lucky to come to the SPA. His elderly owner sadly died while out shopping, but luckily someone was certain that he had seen the gentleman with a dog on several occasions. The police broke into the apartment and there was Roosevelt, waiting for his master. Roosevelt is not as old as one might think, however neglect has aged him prematurely. He is quite nervous at the moment and just getting used to life at the SPA, however we are hoping to find him an adopter or long term foster family soon.

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  • Nervous at the moment
  • Needs some TLC
  • Long term foster considered


PogoMale, Young, Small

Pogo is back at the SPA following another failed adoption. I do wish people would reflect a bit more before adopting a dog. This time it was a case of the husband not discussing the adoption with his wife, and so although initially all was well, as soon as the first “problem” cropped up, the wife put her foot down and Pogo was dumped again. The “problem” was that Pogo tried to escape from the garden, meaning that he is “only good for hunting”. No, not true, he just didn’t like being left alone. So what we know is that Pogo was born in May 2015. He is a black and grey brittany spaniel who is a bit nervous around young children (but fine with older ones), he is fine with other dogs and cats. And his next home simply MUST be his last.

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  • Fine with other dogs and cats
  • Nervous around young children
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Hermione shepherd spaniel crossFemale, Young, Medium

Hermione is a great looking dog, but an unusual one. Her head is brown and silky and seems to belong to a completely different dog than her body, which is that of a grey and black brittany spaniel! She is very lively but also extremely affectionate and she is fine with other dogs. Who will be lucky enough to adopt this lovely girl? Hermione was born on April 1st 2015 and is all ready for her new home.

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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Extremely affectionate and lively
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Gandalf -mature male huskieMale, Mature, Large

We love it when a dog arrives identified. However sometimes things are not what they seem. This border husky cross is 12 years old (date of birth November 2004) and according to the central database is a yorkshire terrier. Sometimes this is the result of an error inputting the chip number at the vets, but on this occasion we know otherwise. Gandalf’s former owner is fairly notorious at the SPA for the number of dogs identified in her name. She is an illegal breeder of border collies, huskies and yorkshire terriers (or any other breeds that are fashionable and can make money). So this poor dog has been the result of a mix up and has presumably sired many more puppies. So even though arriving at the SPA at his age is not nice, we are happy for him! What would be even better would be a new home, of course!

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  • Good with other dogs
  • An older dog
  • Will make a lovely family pet