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New Arrivals


Nozete male shepherd crossMale, Young, Medium

Nozete is a very lucky boy. He escaped from a hunt kennel and thanks to a passer by was brought to the SPA by the police. They gave strict instructions to not return him to his owner, and seeing the condition of this dog, we can see why. Extremely thin and world weary, poor Nozete had 5 huge grass seeds removed from his ears and nose. All of them were deeply embedded and had obviously been causing him enormous pain for some time. Keeping dogs in kennels often means that their owners do not notice illnesses etc. But not feeding dogs either pushes this from neglect to mistreatment (which are two sides of the same coin). Nozete is a young lad, he was born in May 2012. Let’s make sure he has a wonderful life from now on.

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  • Not good with cats
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a kind and loving family


Lili female fauve de BretagneFemale, Young, Medium

Lili is a griffon Fauve de Bretagne who was abandoned at the SPA because her owner has a new girlfriend who does not like dogs. I wonder how long that relationship will last? Not as long as the love of a dog, that’s for sure! Lili was born in May 2015, and is a lovely girl. She is fine with children and dogs, however she does not like cats. Some dogs of this breed can be shy and nervous, but Lili is very outgoing and affectionate, and although she lived outside most of the time (sigh), she is used to being handled and loves people.
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  • Not good with cats
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Outgoing and affectionate


Female, Mature, Medium

Amy female chocolate lab/greyhound crossAmy was brought to the refuge by the police following the death of her owner. She had spent her whole life with one person and is now behind bars with her whole world turned upside down. Amy is a chocolate labrador cross (perhaps with a greyhound, she is quite slim). She was born in May 2008 and is a lovely gentle soul, who is well mannered on the lead.

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  • Lovely gentle nature
  • Well mannered on the lead
  • Deserves a loving family



Billy male tri-coloured retrieverMale, Young, Medium

Poor Billy. He is yet another dog who is at the SPA following the death of his owner. This time, however, Billy was left in his deceased owner’s garden for 6 months, while neighbours took it in turns to feed him. Finally they got fed up with this and one of them dumped him at the SPA gates one night. Nice, eh? They then phoned up to tell us that Billy is good with other dogs but not with cats. This has since been tested at the SPA, and lo and behold, Billy is fine with cats too! He went straight to the vet, who estimated his date of birth as being June 2012, then into a kennel to share happily with another dog. Billy is a fabulous tricoloured setter cross who is very well behaved. On a recent walk with volunteers his lead broke, but Billy stayed with his walkers and returned to the SPA. What a good boy!

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  • Good with cats
  • Good with other dogs
  • Well behaved and calm


Kelly female Brittany spanielFemale, Young, Medium

Some of you may recognise Kelly. She was brought to the SPA earlier this year when her owner decided he was too old to keep this young and active dog. Her next adopters had cats and although Kelly showed no aggression at all towards them, the cats were not spending as much time at home as before. So Kelly’s family decided to bring her back. No one had become fond enough of her to keep her, and as she, like all dogs, deserves love, perhaps ultimately this is the best thing. Kelly is pretty Brittany spaniel /setter cross who was born in November 2015.
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  • Not good with cats
  • Needs a steady home life
  • Will make a lovely family pet


Louison male beauceronMale, Young, Large

Louison is a big, impressive but adorable beauceron who was born in April 2011. He was brought to the SPA from a nearby village where he was found straying, so we know nothing of his history. It is natural to assume that a dog this magnificent will be reclaimed, however so far no one has come to look for Louison, so it is time for him to find a new home. Those of you who know about this breed will know that they fall into the herding/working dog category, however they make great family pets, too. And Louison, with his imposing stature and gentle nature, would make a lovely family pet.
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  • Lovely nature
  • Impressive looks
  • Will make a lovely family pet