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New Arrivals

Gringo | T167

GringoMale, Young, Small 

Gringo has been to the SPA once before. Just as he was about to leave with a wonderful new family, his old owner showed up. His ownership details were not up to date and so staff had been unable to get hold of him. He took Gringo home and was requested to put his new details onto Icad. Guess what? Yup! This time the pound time came and went, Gringo is now ready to leave. Inevitably the last people who wanted him are no longer looking for a dog, but surely someone will want this little pinscher cross who was born in May 2013.

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  • Good with dogs and cats
  • A small size
  • Will make a lovely family pet

Boxer | T155

BoxerMale, Young, Large 

Boxer is the name of this fabulous looking dog, who is clearly not a boxer at all! He is a big dog argentin cross, who we are reasonably sure is related to the recently adopted Iktus. Yes, he looks like a tough guy, but like Iktus he is a gentle giant, sharing his box happily with another male and loving his walks. Boxer was born in November 2016 and will make an impressive but sociable family member!
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  • Good with dogs and cats
  • A gentle giant
  • A sociable family member

Jack | T153

Jack Black Labrador crossMale, Young, Medium 

Jack is another dog who has just been brought back to the SPA. He was adopted towards the end of last year by a woman who came to adopt a dog for her elderly mother. We cautioned against such an action, but she insisted, and like fools we allowed Jack to leave. This will no longer happen! Of course the elderly mum found Jack (a senior dog, but one with plenty of energy) too much to handle, and the daughter did not want a second dog. So Jack is back. He is like a mini black labrador crossed with a jagd terrier, he is good on the lead and really affectionate. Jack was born in July 2008, so he is a senior dog, and as such his adoption fee is is just €80 (vaccinated, castrated and microchipped)
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  • Good with dogs and cats
  • Really affectionate
  • Good on the lead

Chupito | T143

ChupitoMale, Young, Small 

Chupito was adopted from the SPA when he was a puppy, back in September last year. He is now coming up to a year old (he was born in May 2017) and finds himself back at the SPA. We don’t know why, as instead of coming to explain and fill in the rehoming questionnaire, Chupito’s owners just took him to the local vet and left him. How nice! Since he has been back with us we have seen that this dog is good with other dogs, he is lively and affectionate and small. In fact when you see him in real life you will be surprised; he is like a mini version of one of the “standard” SPA shepherd crosses. A cute little lad who deserves a better home than the last one he had.

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  • Good with most dogs and cats
  • Full of joy and love
  • Will make a lovely family pet