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Lazar| LL332

Lazar german shepherd crossLarge, Young, Male  

I was at the SPA when Lazar was brought in. His owner cried. Divorce had left him and hence his dog homeless and there was no prospect of a change in circumstance to allow him to keep his dog. Lazar was born in April 2013 and is a lovely German shepherd cross. He has had no training, but we are working on that. Lazar spends some time every afternoon in the office with dog trainer Carole, where he is learning his manners. He is getting used to people approaching him and is learning not to jump up to greet them. He is turning into a lovely dog, and I have a feeling that with relatively little work, he really will be man’s best friend.



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  • Needs basic training
  • Good with other dogs
  • Friendly and sociable

Yuki| L589

YukiLarge, Young, Male  

When Yuki arrived he was terrified. He was put in an external box and spent a cold night alone. Gaining his confidence to coax him out was no easy feat, as he appeared to be aggressive. Now he knows us well and has realised that we are taking good care of him has really paid off. He has become a lovely dog. He is not great with other males, but where he excels is as a guard dog. Very few people would risk entering a garden against this boy’s will. Yuki would be a devoted companion and will adore his master.



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  • Would make an excellent guard dog
  • Not good with other male dogs
  • Loyal devoted companion

Taser | LL385

taserMedium, Young, Male  

Taser is a brindle and white boxer who arrived at the SPA in August 2014. At the time he was a bit imid, but he has changed a lot since being at the SPA. Hardly surprising when you consider that he has spent so much time there! Taser is good with female dogs but not with cats. He is strong on the lead but soon calms down, and is a very playful dog who would benefit from some training and an experienced home. He was born in December 2010.

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  • Good with other dogs

Kopo | L682

kopoLarge, Mature, Male 

Before being abandoned at the SPA Kopo had spent his entire life guarding a wood yard with another dog. The wood yard shut down, so of course the best way to reward this dog for his 5 and a half years of loyal service was to bring him to the SPA. Kopo was born in July 2008, which for website purposes makes him an older dog, though of course he is barely middle aged for a labrador, which is what he is; mostly at least. He is only slightly off white and is very handsome, but at the moment at least is not very affectionate; probably cos he is just not used to all the friendly voices. I feel sorry for him, and I think his former owner should be ashamed. Animals are not just tools to be used until you no longer require them. Let’s hope someone shows Kopo how good life can be!

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  • Needs some TLC to build his confidence
  • Needs enclosed garden

Hoch | L462

Hoch - shepherd crossMedium, Young, Male 

Hoch is at the refuge as a result of a horrific car accident in which his teenage master and 5 friends were killed. The mother could not bear to be constantly reminded of her loss (the dog was upset too, and was demanding attention), so poor Hoch was brought to us. He is a crossbreed, identified (by our vet) as a shepherd cross. He is of fine build, and was born in October 2012. Like so many dogs who arrive at the refuge at his age, Hoch has had no training at all, so a patient owner is required. Hoch is fine with other dogs, but is still learning the rules, so requires routine and discipline.


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  • Needs a kind and patient owner
  • Good with other dogs
  • Still young needs discipline and routine