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Douce | T613

DouceFemale, Young, Medium

This dog’s arrival at the refuge is fabulous news. Douce has been living wild and providing us with a regular supply of puppies. Of course everyone loves puppies, and Douce’s babies have been very popular each time, but the cycle had to stop. At last someone managed to close Douce in their garage when she went for food, and at last we have been able to sterilise her and start fattening her up. Living on the streets all her life has not been easy, and Douce will have to take things slowly. She is in the warm of the infirmary and there she will remain until she is strong enough to live outside. In the fullness of time, Douce will be looking for a new home. She is unused to human contact but love and patience will work wonders, as it does with all dogs. She will need an enclosed garden, obviously, and it might be some time before she is ready to come for cuddles, but Douce will make a lovely companion for a hound lover.

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  • Needs lots of patience and love
  • Will need an enclosed garden
  • Will make a great companion dog

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