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Dyson and Crackle Leave but Lots More Arrive!

Despite the soaring temperatures lots has happened at the refuge today. I will start with the good news. Dyson, the dynamic black and tan Pincher has been adopted. This is wonderful news as he had recently been returned to the refuge after a marriage breakup and this must have been very traumatic for this young chap. Never mind he’s off to a super home where he will be really appreciated!


Dyson’s departure was quickly followed by that of Crackle, a really sweet and gentle Yorkie. Not much more than a pup and immaculately groomed, it seems incredible that no one has come looking for her.  Hopefully Crackles stay at the refuge will soon be nothing but a distant memory!


On the downside, we have had lots and lots of entries. So far this year our numbers far exceed that of last year and we were in crises then. This doesn’t ode well for the rest of the summer!


I also popped up to Toulouse to pick up lots of stuff a lovely volunteer called Leanne had collected. You can see how full my car is of crates, beds, bedding, leads and collars, grooming equipment, toys and treats! So a massive thank you to Leanne and Julie, we are always grateful for such support. If you have stuff that you no longer need and think that we could put it to good use just drop it in or send us an email and we will pick it up. Our fundraisers have regular car boot sales so if our have stuff we could sell there, that too would be very, very welcome!

Dyson’s departure

Dyson leaves


Then It was Crackes turn



Thank you Leanne and Julie

My Car5


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