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Dyson| A110

DysonMale, Young, Medium

Dyson (what a great name for a dog!) is a Cursinu cross, which is a Corsican breed dating back to the 16th century and originally used to herd sheep. And he is a fabulous lad, too. Tall and with fabulous pale brindle markings. Dyson is at the refuge because his owner has unexpectedly become homeless and wants his dog to have a better life. And Dyson should have no problems finding a home, bearing in mind that he is good with other dogs, cats and children! He was born in November 2014 and is vaccinated, identified and castrated. All he needs is a new home and he will be all set!

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  • Fabulous looking dog
  • Fine with other dogs, cats and children
  • Will make a great family pet

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