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Ella is adopted and Bullit finds a foster

Oh, who could fail to fall in love with little Ella? A small and timid rough haired podenco, this little girl arrived at the SPA just ten days ago and immediately started winning hearts. It is impossible to guess what happened to make this little girl so nervous, but of one thing we are sure, coming to the SPA is the best thing that happened in her life. Until Saturday, that is, when she spent the afternoon in the arms of a family who then decided to offer her a new home.

Today was the end of her pound time, and life is set to get even better. It is going to take a long time for Ella to get over her fears, but as everyone who has rehomed a timid dog knows, it is an incredibly rewarding experience.  Many thanks to Ella’s new family and we look forward of seeing photos of her in her new home.


white podenco


That is not the day’s only piece of good news, but for the next one we are going to need everyone to keep their fingers well and truly crossed. Today Bullit has gone to what everyone is hoping will be a long term foster home. This elderly German Shepherd was brought to the SPA over a year ago following his owner’s death. A previous attempt to find him a home failed due to an incompatibility with the owner’s other (female) dog. However Bullit is another year older, and with any luck he will have mellowed since then. This is his big chance at finding a loving home, so we hope he does not blow it and that the family’s other dog accepts him. Fingers crossed everyone!

German shepherd


If you are interested in fostering an older dog, please get in touch. It is always so sad to see elderly dogs behind bars and we would love them all to be in loving homes.

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