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Ellios | T219

Ellios Brague FrancaiseMale, Mature, Large

Ellios’s owner contacted the SPA as soon as he knew that he was likely to enter full time care. Unlike many people, his first thought was for his devoted dog of nearly 9 years standing. No, the SPA was not his first choice, but once he had spoken to staff and found out the dangers of giving away dogs for free on the internet, he decided that rehoming Ellios via the SPA was the best thing. This lovely boy will now be able to find a new family who loves him for his gentle and loyal nature, and not because with his pedigree, he could be used to sire puppies. Elliot is a braque francais and although he was born in June 2009, he is in great health. He has been loved and looked after his entire life, and it is so sad that his owner needs to rehome him. Let’s get him a new family quickly, guys!
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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Sociable and easy going
  • Will make a great companion

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