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Elsa adopted..

Just before Christmas the ‘Frozen’ litter arrived at the refuge. Three tiny pups who were named Anna, Elsa and Olaf.  They were very cute and asElsa and Anna being females were the first to be adopted. Olaf soon followed but no sooner had he been adopted when Elsa came back.

Karen, one of our volunteers shared Elsa’s profile with her son Christian and family who live in the UK, they wasted no time at all in reserving her. That was great news but Elsa was 11 weeks at the time and couldn’t have her rabies vaccination for her passport for one week and then there would be a 3-4 week wait before she could travel.

It would have been very unfair to keep a pup at the refuge that long but luckily Shirley our fosterer who is also a dog trainer offered to foster her.

What a lucky pup and what a lucky family as they are getting a housetrained, cage trained, very well socialised pup who also has the basics like sit and down, a pre-trained pup you might say!

Karen and I popped over to Azille to puppy class last week and spent a wonderful afternoon watching Elsa play with the other dogs, one of who was her brother Olly ( ex Olaf).  There were 6 ex SPA dogs in class that afternoon so if anyone is looking for a doggy class then do contact Shirley via https://www.facebook.com/CECAdogclub/?ref=page_internal.

On Wednesday I picked up Elsa from Shirley, took her to the vets for a check over and worming, completed her TRACES paperwork and as you read this blog I am waiting on the transporter picking her up.

Many thanks to Shirley and her doggies Jake and Ellie for looking after her so well. I know that Jake will be missing his playmate, she is a pup that everyone loved!

Its sad when pups leave but I can just imagine how excited her new family are at the prospect of the ‘doggy bus’ arriving with their new puppy. We will of course have lots of updates and Elsa will have a doggy sister called Chloe to show her the ropes.


Elsa adopyed




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