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Etoile | T612

Etoile female Breton spanielFemale, Young, Medium

There are some dogs who just break your heart when they arrive at the refuge. Etoile is one of them. She is a Breton spaniel who is completely terrified. Her photos show all the classic signs of stress; “whale eye”, drooling etc. What on earth has happened to make this girl like this? Here is another dog for whom coming to the SPA is the best thing to happen. But not the best thing that will happen, because finding a home is better yet! Etoile will be looking for a quiet home with lots of patience and love. She would probably benefit from the presence of another dog, too. Lovers of this breed, in fact lovers of any breed will have their heartstrings pulled by the photos of Etoile, but we promise that she is in good hands.


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  • Needs lots of patience and love
  • A quiet home with another dog would help
  • Will make a great family pet

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