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Fabulous Friday

Three more adoptions to tell you about today, one from each end of the age spectrum, plus a dog who has spent nearly a year and a half at the SPA.

Puppy Malko has been in foster with Isa since his arrival just before Christmas. Thanks to her and her family (and dogs) this little lad has had a great time being loved and socialised, rather than being at the SPA. Of course the SPA does its best, but it is never going to be as good as a family home. One of the duties of a foster is to find the puppy’s forever home, and Isa has been meeting people and making sure that his new family was a perfect match for Malko.

Today was the day when he left for his new home, and although she is bound to keep in touch, of course Isa and her family will miss Malko. Many thanks to them for getting this little lad off to such a great start in life.

We also had the adoption of Sherlock. He arrived on Monday folllowing the death of his owners. Luckily for him, some people who knew him in his former life have opened their home to him, and so after two days at the SPA, Sherlock is back in a loving home. At the age of ten, this must be a huge relief for him, as it is for all of us.

The award for adoption of the day has to go to Nadja, however. She has been at the SPA since October 2015 when she arrived terrified and extremely thin. It has taken a lot of time and patience by both the staff and volunteers to give her the confidence that she has today. However the work is not over yet, Nadja is still scared of many things and she is lucky to have found a family who are prepared to give her the love she still needs. Her name means hope, and it suit

So a happy Friday blog and hopefully more news to come, as we are open on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons this weekend!

fluffy brindle puppy











Sherlock – ADOPTED

old brown and black dog









And Nadja – ADOPTED 

shepherd cross

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