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Farewell Friday….

Todays blog is a happy one and today there were tears of joy today instead of tears of frustration and bewilderment!

Today after 1429 days at the SPA Chico was adopted!!!!!!

Chicos long stay started in September 2011 when his owners decided not to come and collect him. He had already been at the SPA numerous times and was a renowned escape artist. Not that that was his fault. At the time he was a young uncastrated male who was full of hormones, had had no training and had been allowed to stray, so took himself off for adventures and made his own fun!

This all came to an end when his owners decided enough was enough and that it was just too much effort to keep coming to collect him thus condeming him to life in a concrete kennel. 1429 days…a harsh punishment for doing what bored, hormone fuelled boys do!

Life at the SPA is harsh. Freezing cold winters and boiling hot summers with only one walk per week. Like humans some dogs cope better than others and luckily enough Chico was a coper. He was resilient and matured into a really lovely dog. I really couldn’t understand why he was never chosen by the hundreds of potential adopters who passed by his kennel. He sat nicely, didn’t bark and shared nicely with many a female kennel mate! One after another of them were adopted and still poor Chico waited patiently….only the look in his eyes showed his despair!

But yesterday a family came along to meet him, fell in love and today off he went.

We really wish Chico well, he so deserves his happy ever after and we all hope that he has found his forever family. Adopting a dog who has been nearly 4 years in kennels will take a lot of love and patience, there will be ups and downs but like all of our adoptions we are there for support when needed.

Many, many thanks to this wonderful family who have given Chico the chance of a lifetime.  It takes very special people to do this!

So for anyone out there who lets their dog stray, this could be your dog’s future!  Young, bored dogs will stray especially if not sterilised! If they are brought in and they are not identified we have no way of knowing where the dog has come from. They may have yeas to wait before being adopted!

Please identify and sterilise your dogs and keep them safe and close….their life depends on it!

And off he goes!!!



Good luck Chico!


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