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Farewell to another year

Well Clifford wasn’t the last dog to leave before the end of the year, as today we had two final adoptions. Tiny little Avery was reserved on Saturday, but had to wait to leave until today, when her pound time was due to finish. Exciting times for her family, who are adopting their first dog. What a great way to start the New Year, both for them and for this little cutie.


Avery arrived with another tiny dog, Tex, and we posted photos of him on Thursday night, hoping that he would be adopted soon. And sure enough he too left for his new home today. So that is the two smallest dogs safe and in the warm. However there are still far too many dogs at the refuge waiting for their new lives to begin.


The nights are very cold now, and I am far from being the only one who has sleepless nights thinking of the dogs huddled in their kennels, trying desperately to keep warm. For some of them this has become a routine; several dogs are spending their 4th, 5th or in the case of Connord, their 6th New Year’s Day at the refuge. For others it is a new experience, and they must be wondering what they did wrong. The answer of course is “nothing”, they just had the bad luck to have been born in the wrong place or belong to the wrong family. Let’s hope that all of them have found a better life by the time 2020 rolls around. Well, we can but dream.

In the meantime everyone at the ScPA, staff and volunteers alike, will try to make better the lives of all the animals in our care.

Despite the ever growing number of dogs brought in for rehoming and all the mistreatment cases, the Year of the Dog turned out to be a good one for many of our guests. Many thanks to everyone who adopted from the ScPA this year. Plus donors to DRC were even more generous than usual, which is really heartwarming, so many thanks to everyone who supported us either via donations or by attending one of the events that took place during the year.

There will be lots more fun to come in 2020, we promise!


We hope everyone has a wonderful time this evening. If you have a dog or dogs, please hug him extra tightly, and tell him how lucky he is to be in a warm and loving home.

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