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Fido’s Day!

Today Fido left the SPA for the second time. The first time was some seven years ago, when he was  a puppy. But he was brought back early last month by his owner who claimed to no longer have the financial means to look after his dog. Naturally we offered to help out with food etc, but our offer was refused. Strange, really, as Fido is not unwell and so there was no ongoing vet treatment. All in all, as reasons for abandoning a dog go, it was pretty poor.

Fido is a lovely dog, too. Completely socialised, great with other dogs and always happy to have a cuddle, he has been busy helping shy boy Darby out with his confidence. We will have to find a new kennel mate for Darby now, as lovely Fido has a wonderful new home.

Another dog left too. A dog whom we named Chicken Run was reclaimed after almost two weeks. He is identified now, of course, but thanks to Facebook his owners have known since day one that he was at the SPA. This is far too long to leave a dog behind bars. It is not fair on the refuge, which is getting full, and it is far from fair on the dog. We would have been perfectly entitled to let this boy be adopted, as the pound time ends after ten days. Yes, we know that people lead busy lives, but something could have been arranged between the owners and the wonderful staff and volunteers to get this dog back home with his owners had they wished. Especially as Chicken Run has been extremely unhappy with us, refusing to eat and lying around miserably. We are glad he has finally left.

So two dogs out on a Monday….


Shepherd cross









Chicken Run – RECLAIMED


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