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FIFTY dog Friday

Yes, you read right. Although it was not fifty adoptions that we had today, but fifty dogs all out on a walk at the same time!

Today was the first (of many, we hope) mass SPA dog walk. Led by Coraline and her beau, there was a stream of dogs all walking round in the winter sunshine. The route chosen passed through the town of Berriac and took about 2 hours to complete. Organiser Sebastien, with chief dog- wrangler Vincent and assisted by staff and other employees,  set dogs off in groups, ensuring that walkers were matched as well as possible with dogs of the right temperament and strength. And the whole thing went off without a hitch.

Of course there are more than 50 dogs at the SPA, but not all of them would have enjoyed such a busy afternoon. The timid ones or others who are not always good in crowds were walked separately by other volunteers. It was quite an erie sight to see so many empty kennels at once….Something we only dream of.

There were no adoptions, but many walkers were enchanted by “their” dog, and have plans to return. Others hope to return for regular dog walking. So the day was a huge success. Many thanks to everyone who came along; and some of you came from quite some distance. Thanks too for all your donations, leads and collars are always at a premium and were most welcome.

If the dogs could speak I am sure they would all say thanks for a wonderful day to Sebastien, Vincent and the staff and volunteers. I am sure everyone agrees that we must do this again sometime SOON!

This weekend the SPA is open on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and we hope that there will be some adoptions to end the week on an even higher note!


couple with czech wolves

Czech wolf dogs Artos and Indian enjoying a walk with Coraline

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