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Filou gets a makeover and it is apple season!

The two-woman whirlwind that is made up of Karen and Sabine has been hard at it. First it was a car boot sale on Sunday, selling €40 in books, and today it was collecting Filou from the refuge and taking him to Magdog Carcassonne for a pampering.

Magdog in Limoux “do” our mutts for free, as you know, but Sabine is a sponsor mum who takes her role very seriously, and she wanted to pay for Filou’s pampering. He has turned out to be quite a stunner under all that fur. And according to the groomers, he was a very easy customer, good as gold and welcome back at any time. Let’s hope that he finds his new home before there is a “next time”, however. With regular brushing there is no reason for a dog to be in poor condition. However Filou is not an easy dog to home, as he needs experienced child-free owners. Many thanks to Karen and Sabine for making him at least look like a normal dog!

There is someone out there for you, Filou, we just know!

Elsewhere at the SPA one of yesterday’s arrivals was reclaimed and there were no entries.So it was a much better day than yesterday.

The four puppies that have been with us for a month or so are now up for adoption so I thought you would like to see a photo of one of them. They are all girls and will be of medium size. They are known as the “Apple Litter” and this little girl is called Granny, believe it or not. A granny at just three months old!

Photos of the other new arrivals will follow, I promise.

Filou on his way to the beauty parlour










And on his way back











One of yesterday’s arrivals, Pompom












And the most beautiful Granny in the world


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