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Filou is adopted but Hyde is back.

By all accounts today was a busy one at the SPA and so no midweek slump this week.

Seven new dogs arrived, which of course is a disaster. Two of them were reclaimed, and we know quite a  bit about one of them, as it was none other than Titi, the dog that Jane officially adopted even though he belongs to her former neighbours. Jane is in Guernsey right now, and first chance he got, Titi was off. Luckily someone brought him to the SPA (again) and a quick bit of Facebooking to Jane in Guernsey helped to reunite dog and owner. Thanks to Jane’s friends for transmitting messages and making phone calls!

Very sadly Hyde’s dream is over. You may remember that she was adopted two weeks ago after 18 months at the SPA, and we were all delighted. Unfortunately she is not house trained and although for some people this is an issue they are willing to work on, such was not the case for Hyde. Her owners were sad, but Cooper, Hyde’s kennel mate will presumably be delighted to see his pal again. We know more about Hyde now. Apart from not being house trained, her adopters tell us that she is extremely affectionate. Surely there must be someone out there who has the patience to give her a home?

We did have an adoption, however, and it is almost enough to put a smile on our faces. Filou has left us again for a new home! Yes, little Filou who has not exactly covered himself in glory at his previous two homes, but he deserves another chance, especially as his new owner has been well warned about his “foibles”.

Two volunteers are keeping in close touch and if Filou comes back again, so be it. Fingers crossed for him!

Titi – quick in and out
strange loking beast











Poor Hyde is back again. 













Filou – ADOPTED (again!)

scruffy black and white dog








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