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Finally an Adoption!

The weather was good today and several volunteers came along to walk dogs, including two new recruits who visit Carcassonne for work from time to time and would like to walk dogs when they are here and sponsor dogs while they not. So that was the first bit of good news.
Then a couple of people came to collect their dogs (both of them had just arrived and both were micro-chipped, so we were hopeful that they would be reclaimed). Then finally the best news of the day: an ADOPTION!
Been a while since I wrote that word on this blog, hasn’t it?
Jordi is a young border collie who had been abandoned as his owner did not have enough time to look after him. He has now gone to a home with a large enclosed garden and an owner who is there all day every day. Initially very nervous of people, as soon as Jordi got into the car he seemed to metamorphose. He sat on the passenger seat with a huge smile on his face  as he left the refuge. I am so happy for him, he has seen many of his kennel mates leave and he must have started to wonder why no one wanted him. Finally his patience has been rewarded. Just look at that smile!

Jordi smiling as he leaves the SPA


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