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First of the Simpsons pups leaves, and a new home for Lana.

Today we said goodbye to the first of the Simpsons litter, in fact to Bart himself! This litter of six pups (three males and three females) arrived about four weeks ago, but were really too young to leave before today. They have been well looked after at the SPA, however, and since making their Facebook debut earlier this week, have attracted a lot of attention.

One thing we insist on with our pups is that their new families are willing to castrate or sterilise the pups when they reach the age of six months. We could go into the reasons why, but it comes down to two things; the dog’s health, and our desire to prevent any more unwanted puppies from coming into the world. Bart’s new dad was not happy about this requirement, so they initially they left without a puppy, returning later on once they had had a think! Funnily enough it is usually the men who have a problem with the concept of castration, but it really is one of the best things you can do for your dog. You can read more here.

If you like the look of Bart, there are more from this litter left, but bear in mind they will be biggish dogs.

Black and tan pup


We also said goodbye to Lana. She was adopted in early December but brought back in mid February as her owner had no time at all to devote to her. In fact one has to wonder why he thought adopting a dog was a good idea at all. But things may just have worked out perfectly for this young girl. Her new family have another dog, which we hope will help Lana work off some of her boundless energy.

black lab cross


So two great adoptions and hopefully more to come tomorrow.

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