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Five dog Saturday!

There are still a couple of days before the year ends, but today we had five adoptions, so even if we have no more before the start of 2019, the year is finishing on a positive note.

First to leave was puppy Joba. She arrived a couple of weeks ago and almost immediately fell very ill with the dreaded parvovirus. She was spotted by a family who wished to adopt her, and they have been phoning every day to hear of her progress. Not all pups make it through, parvo is a horrible illness and should it spread, the consequences for the dogs at the ScPA can be devastating. Fortunately the wonderful staff take all the necessary precautions, and the illness remained contained. Joba left today looking a bit thinner than when she arrived, but she is a very lucky girl and will be soon back to full strength.


Today, we said goodbye to two dogs who only met once they had been “chosen”. In early December a couple came along to adopt a dog, and they were immediately attracted to Callie. This chunky young lass had brought¬† in for rehoming in April this year, but so far had had no luck in finding a new home. She is a great dog, really good on the lead and already with good basic education, and she was reserved immediately. Then they saw Amstaff Lucky, and wondered if he and Cally would get on. Enter Vincent, who helped introduce the dogs and before too long they were sharing a kennel while Lucky’s papers were organised. Yes, this lovely boy is officially “dangerous”. Hahaha! Luckily his new owners already had the permits (they were the owners of beautiful Beyrouth, whom some of you may remember and who sadly passed away earlier this year), so the whole process did not take very long at all.

Today Lucky and Callie left for their new home, already the best of friends and with a fabulous future in store.

Lucky and Callie – ADOPTED TOGETHER!!

Another of today’s leavers is Lila. She arrived exactly ten days ago with a nasty abscess on her leg. As she was identified the ScPA contacted her owner, but he had given the dog away some time ago and could not remember who to. This, too, is more common than you might think and is largely due to websites such as leboncoin etc, although in this case it was probably just from one hunter to another. Lila needed a new start, so we were not exactly unhappy when she remained unclaimed.

Then things got even better for Lila. Candy and her husband saw Lila’s picture and got in touch to arrange to meet her. They wanted to make sure she was as gentle as she looks in her photos, and also be sure that Lila would not fight with their cat. This was more important than usual, perhaps, as the family live on a boat, so the possibilities of keeping animals separate are even more limited than usual! Lila left today looking like she had been in a war zone. Her abscess was operated on this morning and she was wrapped up like a sausage. Her new owners were not at all phased and we know that Lila is in great hands.



Last but not least we said goodbye to Leliana. She is another long-eared type dog, a fauve de Bretagne cross, who arrived a couple of weeks ago. At the time she was very nervous, but she is making great progress, and even more so now that she has a home. A Dutch couple came along and saw Leliana in one of the parks. She ticked all the boxes on their wish list, and by the time they had returned from a walk with her, they were smitten.

Leliana – ADOPTED


The refuge is open both tomorrow and on Monday, so there is time for yet more good news, but today was just what the doctor ordered!

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