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Five dogs leave

The week has got off to a great start, with several dogs leaving the refuge. Let’s start with the adoptions.

First off we had the adoption of German Shepherd Lasko. He arrived last month with his pal, lhasa apso Gadjo as their owner was seriously ill. Little Gadjo left first, and Lasko would have been adopted sooner had he not had certain medical issues that needed to be sorted out. He is actually a haemophiliac, and this needed to be controlled before he could leave. Many thanks to his new family for their patience and undestanding. His former owner would be delighted to know that his dog is in such good hands.


We then said goodbye to Tia. This dog was found in a local village, and when you see her morphology, you realise why she had to be homed responsibly. Tia is not actually identified as a staff, but it is a question of millimeters (yes, the law is very strict, but this very inflexibility leaves what appear to be anomalies). Letting her be rehomed unsterilised (which could have been the case had she been homed other than via the ScPA) would doubtless have caused problems (in puppy form) down the line.

On Saturday Tia caught the eye of a young active couple and we hope that all goes well for her in her new life.

pale brown coloured dog


No fewer than three dogs were reclaimed, too. First off was Gloria, a yellow labrador who arrived already identified. Then it was Kassie, a black labrador cross, and finally it was the turn of Kitty, whom we had named Neige. She arrived on Saturday and believe it or not she was not identified, . Who would risk losing a dog like this? Had the people who found her not been as honest, they could quite easily have identifed her in their name and she would have been lost to her owners forever!

Kitty is now microchipped, of course, but one wonders if she would ever have been identified had she not passed via the ScPA. I suspect not. Really, people, if you love your dog, why take the risk of losing them?


Kitty (aka Neige) – RECLAIMED (and now identified)

So the week got off to a pretty good start and we hope there is more news like this to come.

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