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Five leavers including the Wolf Dogs after almost three years!

Anyone remember that (admittedly rather cringing) song called “You Left me, Just when I Needed you Most”. Well that could be Max’s theme tune. This purebred jagd terrier was taken to the vet to be euthanised two weeks ago because he had gone blind. Max is only eight years old but apparently it distressed the owner so much to see his “beloved” dog in that state that being put to sleep was the “best thing”. Very luckily for him he was taken to the ScPA’s vet, who immediately contacted the refuge and arranged for Max to be brought to us.

When his album was published on Facebook many people wrote to tell us that they had a blind dog, and that this does not stop their dog from having a fabulous life. And someone else who agrees is the wonderful association Miss Marple’s Universe, who got in touch with DRC to offer a home to Max. This association specialises in rehoming blind dogs and cats, and has a network throughout France.

Max was initially due to leave for a foster family last week, but when the perfect forever home was found, it was decided that it would be better delay his departure for a couple more days and only move house once. So this morning a very lucky Max was taken to his new home under the watchful eye of Jane Marple herself. That is what I call a rescue! Many thanks to all concerned.


small black and tan dog

Max- left thanks to Miss Marple association

The afternoon brought more good news, including an adoption of two dogs who have been at the refuge for almost three years and whom almost everyone knows.

Arthos and Indian were two of five dogs who arrived together just before Christmas 2016. Their three pals were homed relatively quickly, but Arthos and Indian have waited and waited. They are Czech wolf dogs, a breed that is not for everyone, but which has become very popular with a lot of people (including lots of the wrong people) as a result of Game of Thrones. They are complicated dogs, and cannot be left with just anyone. Moreover these two are particularly close and it has been impossible to separate them.

Arthos and Indian – ADOPTED together after 3 years

So who was going to take two dogs of this breed? They need a lot of space and have been occupying a park 24/7 since their arrival. And although they have had lots of walks (let’s face it, who doesn’t feel ten feet tall when walking a dog this imposing (and therein lies a lot of their appeal)), they are both very affectionate. Or have become so, since living at the refuge.

But finally their day has come. Their owner has been to visit them several times whilst enclosing his land, and today a couple of SPA employees delivered Arthos (who is now 9 years old) and Indian, (now 6) to their new home. The end of an era!

Two further dogs left as well. Luma, a fabulous husky who was abandoned just a week or so ago. As with the wolf dogs, this breed attracts a lot of attention thanks to their stunning looks, but their needs do not make them ideal pets for everyone. Having said that, Luma had an excellent CV, fine with dogs, cats and children, and we are delighted that she has found such a wonderful home so soon.



Last but not least we said goodbye to Gafarot, a sweet fox terrier cross who arrived in a very poor condition at the start of September. His fur was in such a state that the only option was to shave him, and although his fur is still in the process of growing back, he was much happier after this was done.

Gafarot was one of the ScPA “Ambassadors” at the stand on Place Carnot this weekend, where he behaved impeccably. Although his adoption so soon afterwards was just coincidence, it was high time that he found a new home.

fox terrier cross

Gafarot – ADOPTED

So five adoptions was great news although there were several new arrivals too. Not to mention the sad return of Gaspard who was in supposedly long term foster. Finding good long term foster families is not as simple as it seems….

Still, onward and upward and hopefully more good news tomorrow.


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