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One thing that the SPA can be sure of is that summer time in France means that lots of puppies and kittens will be abandoned! This year has been no exception and lots have arrived already. When these babies arrive we much prefer that they go to foster families as the refuge is a dangerous place for unvaccinated pups or kittens.

Many of our volunteers at the SPA are also foster families for these pups and kittens as well as for dogs who arrive needing a little bit more tender loving care than life in a kennel can offer.  These foster families provide an extremely valuable role which helps us assess the dogs’ reaction to a home environment and lets us know which areas the dog may need a little help with. It’s not unusual for dogs who come into rescue to need a little help with toilet training, socialization or recall and being with a fosterer who will help with any issues, gives these dog a much better chance at a successful adoption. All of our foster families are very experienced and most have well balanced dogs and cats of their own which provides a perfect environment for a needy dog. Lots of our foster families have children who are very dog ‘savvy’ which provides fantastic socialization for our dogs. The foster family can give us a real insight into the personality of the dog which makes it far easier to find the perfect forever home.

Sometimes, well often actually, the inevitable happens and the fosterers fall in love with the dog and become the adopters.

This has of course happened in a lot of our foster families and I do understand why. When you have nurtured, socialized and loved a dog it is very difficult it give it up. Sometimes you just know that a dog is right for you and your family and so there is only one option, to adopt it!

Below are some of our happy dogs who have been adopted by our fantastic volunteers who also foster.

Benson who was fostered and then adopted by Rebecca




Brody who was fostered and then adopted by Rob


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