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Four adoptions and Janka makes five!

Well lots to tell you tonight. First of all there was a third adoption yesterday, which somehow got missed in the excitement of the day. Staffie cross Janka was homed. Technically she is in long term foster, as she is officially a dangerous dog, meaning that her ownership details cannot be altered. However providing her new family has carried out all the formalities, dogs of this breed can leave the SPA for long term foster.  Many thanks to Janka’s new family.

staffie cross

Janka –  Long term foster but effectively ADOPTED

And today was a bumper day, with four adoptions. We said goodbye to two more of the Simpsons puppies, with both Lisa and Mo finding fabulous homes where we are sure they will be very happy.

black and brown pup


black and tan pup


Today we also said goodbye to Gucci, a lovely beauceron cross who was the second dog to arrive this year. He was identified, but to an address in the north of France, and we have had no word from his owners. Esther and Manu came to visit from Montpelier, and soon fell under Gucci’s charm. They are delighted with their new pal, whom they have renamed Winston. And he is delighted to be leaving the SPA, especially with such a great couple; Manu works from home, and if necessary Esther can take Gucci to work with her; she is a researcher at Royal Canin, so we won’t have to worry about Gucci’s eating habits!

black and white dog with couple

Gucci (now Winston) – ADOPTED

Finally we said goodbye to Winnie. This lovely golden retriever (probably) Pyrenean mountain dog cross arrived in early December, having been unceremoniously thrown out of a car near the SPA gates. He was extremely nervous and spent a lot of time in the office. Hence he became the favourite of many employees, including Carole. Winnie came on in leaps and bounds, though, and soon it was he who was giving confidence to newly arrived scaredy boy Griff.

Today Winnie’s turn came; although his new owners had visited the SPA before, it was during last Sunday’s open day walk that the deal was struck, and today Winnie started his new life.

Golden retriver cross

Winnie – ADOPTED

So it was an excellent end to the week.


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