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Four adoptions, including KATE

Well, surely everyone must have guessed who the lucky dog was alluded to in yesterday’s blog. After 15 months at the SPA, Kate finally left the refuge today. For those of you who did not know, on Thursday a puppy was in urgent need of a blood transfusion, and when the vets phoned the SPA, it was decided to take Kate to help out. After which she went straight back into her kennel; which seemed such a shame!

Carole wrote a Facebook appeal which was spread far and wide. Although there were three calls to offer a home to Kate, by the time the first of these was received, Kate had already been reserved by a family who knew nothing about her recent activity! They came to the SPA and fell in love with Kate and their decision was confirmed when Carole told them about her heroics! I guess it was just her turn!

Everyone is delighted for her, of course and her sponsor mum, Isa, even took a detour from her weekend away to say goodbye to her favourite dog.

Another lucky dog today was Banco. She had caught the eye of a family on Thursday and today they came back to see how she was with their own BIG dog. Little Banco was a bit nervous at first (she shares with another small dog), but she soon gained confidence, and off she went.

Funnily enough her new family chose between Banco and Flora, and as it turned out, Flora was the next to leave! Yes, looking resplendent after her recent “do” by Angelique and with a new harness, Flora’s new life starts here. What a change from the scruffy dog who was found with her friend Fonzy exactly one month ago today.

Finally it was the turn of Filou, the Lhassa Apso, who was abandoned just over a week ago. Yes, it didn’t take him long to find a new home.

With just one arrival, today was a great end to the week.

Kate – ADOPTED (after 15 months)
black dog with family











small wire haired dog










small brown dog










Filou (aka Lol) – ADOPTED

black lhassa


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