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Four Adoptions on a Super Sunny Saturday.

After a fairly quiet week in terms of adoptions, today was a bumper day, with four adoptions and two reservations!

First to leave was Minus, one of two brothers who arrived together at the end of January.  Both are stunning, though, and although a bit nervous when they arrived, are now doing really well. Minus’s new family came to meet the dogs last week, and although Minus was the lucky one, it could easily have been his brother, Cortex. Hopefully he won’t have too long to wait, either.

fluffy shite dog with black eye patch


Next we said farewell to Dionysos. He is one of our Greek Gods, the 6 dogs who arrived together in early February. And what a fabulous looking lad he is. There are quite a few beagle lovers at the ScPA at the moment, and today’s family are yet more fans of this breed. We wish Dionysos a long and happy life and as with Minus, we hope that Dionysos’s remaining family members find new homes soon.

Dionysos – ADOPTED

Asterisque was next to leave, and to be honest everyone was surprised that it took this little girl so long to find a new home. Statistically the dogs who are most often requested by potential adopters are small young females, and Asterisque, a 14 month old yorkie cross, ticked all three boxes. The fact that she is fine with cats made her perfect in every way for the family who rushed along to adopt her today! Fare well , little girl.

Asterisque – ADOPTED

And last but by no means least, today saw the adoption of Coca. Although he was brought in as a stray, this young dog was identified. However his owners did not come to collect him, despite being informed that he was at the refuge. So, as ever, the best thing is to find another home, and under 4 weeks later, this is what Coca has! We wish him and today’s other leavers long and happy lives.


All in all it was a great Saturday. And the weekend is not over; the ScPA is open both tomorrow and on Monday. Plus all being well we will have some great news for you soon. I did mention the two reservations, didn’t I? Well, watch this space!

Have a wonderful Easter Day, and remember, no sharing your chocolate. Well, not with your dogs, that is!

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