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Four Adoptions to (almost) end the week!

We have plenty to catch up on today, four adoptions in fact! The first of them took place yesterday. Little Chappie found his home after almost 2 months. Yes, it is unusual for a dog of this size and style to stay as long at the SPA, but Chappie had lost the sight in one eye due to an untreated infection and although he sees very well with his other eye, this seems to have delayed his finding a new home. His new family didn’t seem to mind that at all and off he went, smiling as usual.

small scruffy yorkie

Chappie – ADOPTED

Someone who did mind was little Pila. She and Chappie arrived on the same day and have been together the entire time. How would she cope with being alone? Well luckily she didn’t really have time to find out. Pila found her new home just 24 hours later! Wonderful news for this little girl. She arrived in a horrendous state, almost totally without fur, but again her new family accept her as she is, so things are looking up for this tiny girl too.

small scruffy dog 2


Today we also said goodbye to tiny pinscher cross Django. He only arrived two weeks ago, and no one is surprised that he left so soon. He is a great little lad and it is wonderful that he didn’t spend too long behind bars. His new family have children for him to play with and a lovely life awaits.

tiny pinscher cross

Django – ADOPTED

Last but not least, we said goodbye to beautiful bleu de Gascogne Darby. Well, actually we said goodbye to him some three weeks ago when his sponsor mum, Petra, took him home to live with her family. Darby was not doing well at the SPA, he was not eating and although the staff and volunteers were doing their best, progress was slow. At Petra’s home, Darby was able to meet lots more people, and he shared his house with children, cats and other dogs. And he went on long walks, which he loved.

Petra would have loved to have kept him, but agreed with her family that four dogs was too many. However she said she would keeo him until the right family was found. And today Ollie and Karina came from Germany to take Darby home with them! They had recently lost their beloved weimeraner and were looking for a dog who would enjoy a similar lifestyle; lots of love, lots of long walks, and plenty of interaction with other dogs on “man-trailing” expeditions.

Many thanks to them for making the long trip to meet and collect Darby. And special thanks to Petra and her family for all they did for Darby. I am sure they will be very sad tonight, fostering is not easy. But they helped Darby (their “Boy”) onto a wonderful new life.

Huge hound


So it was a great end to the week. Or actually not quite the end! Tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month, so the SPA will be open from 14H00-18H00. Why don’t you come along and say hello, or walk a dog or two!

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