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Four adoptions to end the week on a high!

Today we had four fabulous adoptions! What great news on which to end a steamy Sunday!

When Neigo was adopted ten days ago we wondered when it would be the turn of his erstwhile kennel-mate, Kara. These two dogs arrived together at the beginning of May, and for once it was the boy who left first. When they first arrived, Kara, a malinois cross, appeared to be the more nervous of the two, but in fact it was just a bit of initial wariness and she soon settled in.

The photo below looks like the sort of photo that would be added to the album “Life After the Refuge”. But no, this photo was taken on a walk whilst Kara was at the ScPA.

Yes, we (and the dogs) are lucky that we have some beautiful country around us, but we are also lucky to have such a great team of volunteers. Walks like this help dogs to adjust to life once they are adopted as well as keeping their morale as high as is possible whilst they are waiting.

Kara’s wait is now over, and walks like this will be far more frequent now, we are sure.

malinois cross in lake


The day’s second leaver was little chihuahua Océan. He arrived  just under 2 weeks ago, and it didn’t take long for one of our employees, Mika, to fall for his charms. So after a difficult start to life we know that this little lad will be adored from now on, and of course we will have plenty of news (and photos) to follow. We have none for now, this little boy has gone almost unremarked at the refuge, believe it or not.

tricoloured Chihuahua

Océan (now renamed Merlin) – ADOPTED

Third to leave was beautiful Louna. She was one of two dogs who were brought in following their owner’s dramatic and sudden change in circumstances. The other one was Ek Chuah, who you remember was an ex champion Groenendael who went back to his breeder in early June.

Louna is a big and powerful dog, but fabulous looking and gentle, despite her strength and enthusiasm when leaving her kennel. It is great that she now has a new home and lots more opportunity to bound around.

big black and tan dog

Next to leave was German Shepherd Nash. He has been with us a relatively short time, having been found and brought to the refuge four weeks ago. Although that is quite a long time for a dog, it is not very much time in which for the staff and employees to get to know a dog. So when a new potential owner came forward and asked what he was like with children, the best we could do was offer to help when introductions were made.

Luckily all went well and two year old Nash has gone off to a new life and we are over the moon for him, and for his new family, too, of course.

German shepherd


There was a great reservation too, and so another week ends on a positive note.

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