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Four Adoptions Today

First of today’s FOUR adoptions was that of Apolline, a little whippety looking cross who arrived with 5 other hunt type dogs in March.

Jess and her partner have wanted a dog for several years, but wanted to wait for the right time, and more importantly, the right dog! When they saw Apolline they were sure she was the one, so they came to Carcassonne to meet her and make sure. They fell head over heels in love with her, and were desperate to take her home. However they had a mini break already planned and did not want to disrupt Apolline so soon after her adoption (bearing in mind she had already been adopted and abandoned a day or so later), so they reserved her for a couple of weeks.

Today was the day, though, and they came to the refuge today to take their lovely girl home with them. Apolline really is a sweet heart, and we are sure she will thrive in her new life. Her new mum works from home and the couple also run a small guest house, so Apolline will have lots of new people to meet, which she loves!

Apolline – ADOPTED

Two more of the pups were adopted, leaving two boys still looking for homes. They are adorable, though, so we are hoping it will not be too long before they too find homes.

Acajou – ADOPTED

black puppy

Cédrat – ADOPTED

The big news of the day, though, is the adoption of Petit Kiki. This little lad came to the refuge when his owner was hospitalised, but this did not end well, as sadly Kiki’s owner died. Kiki himself is ten and has ongoing medical treatment and arthritis, which meant he has been living in the office, greeting everyone but never finding a home.

A good friend of DRC’s had just decided to adopt him, but before this was put into action, a miracle happened…..Lea, one of the ScPA employees and her mum decided to offer Kiki a home! So this afternoon Kiki left the ScPA and although I am sure he will come back to visit, there was a flurry of activity as some of the employees who are on leave rushed in to give him a farewell cuddle.

small black papillon cross

Petit Kiki – ADOPTED

So it has been a wonderful day, and there is more amazing news on the cards for tomorrow!

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