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Four-dog Friday!

Four lucky dogs left the refuge today. Firstly was Bill, the young Podenco. I am delighted that he has found a home, as he has been with us for 6 weeks. That may not sound like very long, but he was just four and a half months old when he arrived, so for him it was quite long enough.

Second to leave was Amelie. She is a beautiful border collie who arrived at the refuge at the end of May. In fact the people who adopted her today were her original owners, but as their details were not up to date on the register in Paris we had no way of getting in touch with them. We published her photo all over the internet, but no one came forward for her. This meant that Amelie had defaulted to belonging to the refuge, and so the couple paid a normal adoption fee. Still 120 euros for 10 weeks kennelling is not bad. ..Am I becoming cynical at all, do you think?

Next  out was little Angel, a puppy who has been with us for a month. He came in at eight weeks old, and although I am delighted that he has found a home, it is awful to think of him being found lost and alone at such a young age. Why don’t people sterilise their dogs?

Then the adoption of the day. Some dogs are easier to home than others, and the dogs I would put in the “difficult” category are hunt type dogs. Even when they are clearly poor hunters (otherwise they wouldn’t be with us; a good hunter is valuable).  In any case, in mid-January one of our volunteers brought us two exhausted chasse dogs who had been lying in a ditch. As a volunteer it is never easy bringing a dog to the refuge, but of course, as yesterday’s blog illustrates, we are but the stepping stone to a better life. Today the first of the sisters, Maisie, was adopted.

She was the kennel mate of Tesson and it strikes me as more than coincidence that she should be adopted so soon after Tesson left. Sometimes changing a kennel or kennel mate can give a dog the exposure he or she needs to be noticed. Tesson’s adopter, who walked him regularly before the adoption took place, often took Maisie out for a stroll. She became better and better on the lead, and I am sure this helped her on her way, too. Thanks Jeremy.

Bill the Podenco 












Lovely Amelie is found by her owners











Angel leaves too










And Maisie leaves after 6 long months

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