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Four dogs are reclaimed.

Although there were no adoptions today, four dogs were reclaimed, so it was not the worst day we have had.

First to leave was Lea, a beautiful yellow lab. She arrived yesterday and her photo was put on Facebook where she was immediately recognised by her owner. As well as by friends of her owner. Social media is wonderful in so many ways. But naturally identification is better!

yellow lab


Second to leave was Easy, a young border collie. She had been found in Narbonne yesterday, and the person who found her brought her to Carcassonne. Luckily Easy was identified, and even luckier her owners came to collect her immediately. This is not always the case, so in general it is far better to take any animal you find to the nearest pound. Had Easy not been identified, one cannot assume that her owners would have thought to look for her in a refuge so far away. Still, all is well that ends well.

border collie

The two other dogs arrived today so had no albums on Facebook. And of course all four of today’s leavers are now equipped with a microchip!

We will have lots of news tomorow, so see you then!

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