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Four more dogs leave for Belgium

It is now four weeks since the last lucky four dogs left for pastures new at Animal Trust in Belgium, and since then two of them have been adopted. The rest are clearly loving their new surroundings, with a fresh start, loads of walks and group playtime in the huge parks. They are about to be joined by four more lucky dogs, who have set off on their journey to Belgium thanks to YOUR donations, you wonderful supporters of DRC.

In fact €300, almost half the transport fee, was donated by supporter Sharon’s book group, who meet throughout the year, each member donating €1 for each book they take from the shelf. It is amazing how this mounts up during the year, and the timing was perfect. So many thanks to all the avid readers in the Aude.

Several of you have asked how we select the dogs to go to Animal Trust. No, it is not just a question of choosing our favourites! Yes, we love them all, and that is why it is important to have selection criteria. Sometimes we pick a dog who risks falling back into the wrong hands (as was the case for last month’s leaver, Finou, and now for lucky Melba). Melba was found in a poor state and brought to the ScPA by supporter Karen, who has been to visit and walk her many times since. Melba’s owner has not come to collect her; but this could have happened and getting her to safety was important.

Melba – her hunt days are over

The second (and main) category of dog that we send is dogs who have been at the refuge for a long time and are constantly overlooked by potential adopters. Three of today’s four leavers fall into that category.

Vegas has been adopted on two occasions, but the last time was well over two years ago. This lad is now 7 years ago, and it is high time he had a change of scene.

big griffon cross

Vegas – time for a change

Likewise Jax, who was brought in for rehoming when he was under two years old. That was a whole 18 months ago.  A beautiful and well-behaved dog like this should have been adopted quickly. Perhaps it is his size that has put people off, as his only fault is that he doesn’t like cats, and not everyone in France has a cat!

big black and dark brown dog

Jax – perfect apart from his size!

And last up we have Noisette. She has been at the ScPA since September 2018, when she was brought in with her puppy Pirouette (Impala). Impala has been adopted twice since (once badly, once well), but no one has shown any interest in Noisette, who is now six years old. Time for a change of scene for her, too.

Noisette –

Of course we discuss the potential leavers with Eline, at Animal Trust, as she too has her own pressures. There are plenty of dogs who need rehoming in Belgium, and the goal is not to flood the country with foreign dogs. But by taking breeds who are unusual in Belgium (the long-ears!) and dogs whose chances of adoption in France have been shown to be poor, Eline is able to justify taking a few dogs every so often. And we are massively grateful that she does!

Of course we will give news of “our” dogs as they are adopted. We know that people here are very attached to certain dogs (Karen would have loved to have adopted Melba, for instance, but could not due to that common problem of already having too many dogs). But we are all adults and we are all here for the good of the dogs, so we have to feel happy for them to have been offered this great opportunity at Animal Trust.

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