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FreddyMale, Young, Small

I am worried that Freddy is going to be one of those dogs who just slips through the net. Like Bridou (our last urgent appeal) and Némo, both of whom are still at the refuge, Freddy arrived at just the wrong time. He was not a puppy, but neither was he an adult. So he was too young to appeal to people looking for a puppy (and we have lots of pups), but people looking for a calmer older dog would not be interested in him, either. Freddy was born in January this year, and sadly it looks like he is doomed to grow up at the refuge. Having said that, Freddy is making the most of it. He is busy playing with his kennelmate and bouncing around as much as he can within the confines of kennel life. If you are after a young, lively dog, then please give Freddy a chance. He is desperate for love and will make a great family friend.


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  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs some basic training full of fun
  • Will make a great family pet

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